Dick Gilley
April 2018
Diabetic Education
Wise Health System
United States




I went to a crawfish boil here locally a few weeks ago and while conversing with a young mother of two, it became apparent she was recently diagnosed with diabetes. So I verbalized "Then I guess you know Dick Gilley?" Her reaction was emotional and heartfelt as she said, "Dick has changed my life". We went on to have a lengthy conversation where she expressed being ill, diagnosed, dealing with the emotions, treatments, lifestyle changes, frustrations, and the impact of the illness on her family. The one constant, from diagnosis on, during our conversation, was that Dick Gilley has always been "there" for her. The education he provided, the follow-ups, the phone calls, constant encouragement, the understanding he has because he is "one of us"; his availability for her to call anytime she was worried about something. She referenced one instance where she felt ill, sugars were off, and she couldn't get ahold of her doctor, "but Dick answered, and he helped me". This is what's going around our community regarding Wise Health System's Diabetes Care, Dick and his teams are changing lives!