The Diabetes & Obesity Program Team with Mary Dee Hacker, CNO
November 2015
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Diabetes & Obesity Program
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles
United States




The Diabetes and Obesity Program at CHLA is the first ever Interprofessional Team Award recipient! This special recognition was created and promoted through the DAISY Foundation and CHLA is honored to be one of a handful of hospitals that are participating in this innovative team award.

The nurses, physicians, fundraisers, administrative assistance and program directors provided the collaboration that made the UniCamp and Fitness Session possible. UniCamp Health and Fitness Session was able to reach over 100 children, many of whom had never experienced being away from home before. Campers were taught healthy eating and nutrition goals that directly affected their health. They were exposed to a variety of activities, such as swimming, biking, archery, yoga and meditation. As a result, the type 2 diabetes patients had improvements in their blood sugar levels while at camp.

The Diabetes & Obesity Program partnered with UCLA UniCamp to design and implement a week long session of summer camp wit ha health and fitness theme. The Diabetes & Obesity Program successfully secured funding to subsidize the camp for CHLA patients participating in the EMPOWER weight management clinic, type 2 diabetes clinics, kids n fitness, and our community outreach program. The campers were exposed to swimming, biking, archery, yoga and meditation, dance and hiking. They were exposed to new foods during mealtime. Campers learned about "red light, green light" foods, how to determine where they are on the "hunger scale", how to maintain a healthy diet when eating out, how to track their activity using a pedometer. The type 2 diabetes patients had huge improvements in their blood sugar levels while at camp and an EMPOWER patient who attended camp experienced a large weight loss in just one week. Additionally, the partnership we formed with UniCamp will be lasting one resulting in future camp opportunities for our patients and community.

Team members:

Nancy Chang, PhD(c), MSN, FNP

Claudia Borzutzky, MD

Cassie Fink, MPH

Linda Heller, MS, RD, CSP, CLC, FAND

Ellen Iverson, MPH

Megan Lipton, MA

Emily Millen, MPH

Valerie Ruelas, MSW

Jamie Wood, MD

Steven Mittelman, MD, PhD

Sarah Todd, BFA

Patrice Yasuda, PhD

Mari Radzik, PhD