Destiney C Wooten
November 2023
Destiney C
Acute Surgery Unit
Northside Hospital Cherokee
United States




When Destiny enters a room she connects with the patient and gives them hope.
I was admitted to Northside Cherokee on a Friday morning. I was in a great deal of pain, experiencing my third bowel blockage. I met Destiny that night and could tell right away she took her role seriously. She was informative and covered all of her bases. It was not my first time in a hospital, and she knew the answers to all of my questions. More importantly, she knew how to make me feel comfortable. 

The next day, I had to perform a small bowel study. This can be a very painful procedure, and it lasted longer than normal. I was in a great deal of pain and ready for some relief. Destiny came into my room right at shift change and could tell things weren't right with me. Without hesitation, she took the initiative and called down to Radiology and obtained a release to hook my NG Tube back up. Within minutes I had relief. She stayed with me that night, checking in frequently, monitoring my pain, and helping me to make the best decisions. 

I have been working with healthcare individuals for most of my career. What they do is hard. I believe that Destiny, as an individual, has natural gifts. These gifts allow her to save and heal people. When she enters a room she connects with the patient and gives them hope. She follows the rules yet also trusts her own instincts. Northside Cherokee is lucky to have Destiny on their staff. I am lucky to have had Destiny helping me through that weekend.