Dennis Vidal
August 2016
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




A Thank You note to Dennis:
I don't know how much you remember me while I was under your care at the University of Maryland Hospital but I do remember how much you cared about my comfort and safety. The night you had me under your loving care was my worst night in the many that I had spent in the hospital over the many years.
My history has been a previous back surgery, bypass surgery and an aortic valve replacement, all at University of MD Hospital. Of all the previous wonderful nurses, aids and other attendants of my care you are the one that stands out the most as the most caring individual and I wanted to especially thank you for your wonderful service. I don't know how I would have made it through the night without your vigilance and caring attitude.
As an EMT, I have seen medical personnel from average to exceptional and I feel that you fall into the last category of exceptional. Thank you Dennis for all you did for me, even though our night was short.