Denise Choe
December 2015
Medical Surgical
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Denise is one of our CN IVs in 5T. She is a wonderful person to work with. As a shift charge nurse she makes sure that all 28 patients, families, 12 staff, and ancillary staff who come to 5T are well cared for. Denise is a champion not only in keeping all of us compliant with hospital policies and procedures, but also with being proactive and supportive of each other to achieve our common goals.
Denise visits all the new admits within a few hours of the admission to ensure they are aware of her role. She pays great attention to detail. One time, an oncology patient was admitted to our unit and could not get comfortable on the bed provided. Denise went above and beyond to work with equipment pool and L&D department to borrow a bed with the firm mattress for the patient. He was so grateful to her. Not stopping there, the next time when she knew the same patient was to be admitted to another unit, she reminded the other charge nurse on that unit to arrange for the special bed for this patient! Denise is able to demonstrate this compassion in every encounter with patients, families and staff members.
Denise's keen observation and attention to detail is so crucial for everyday practice. Recently, she spotted contradicting details in our SNP for Port-a-Cath flushing while teaching at the annual skill labs. She immediately raised the question to the CNS/Educator team, which led to an Informational Update about the correction. Denise is absolutely an agent of change on our unit. Throughout the changes in her career at UCI, Denise has always been brave, smart and resilient. Even though pediatric is, was, and might be her forever favorite specialty, she thrives in adult Med-Surg-Tele nursing. As soon as Denise reached her 3-year anniversary on 5T, she challenged the Medical Surgical Certification exam and became the first Med-Surg certified nurse in the group of former Pediatric nurses on our unit. She absolutely leads by example!
Denise loves shared governance in nursing practice. She always makes time to actively participate in our unit practice council meetings and Lean Six Sigma teams, so that she can bring the nurses' voice to the discussion before decisions are made.
We are proud to have Denise on our team! She is an awesome Staff Nurse Leader who deserves the prestigious DAISY Award!