Deanna McCarthy
February 2016
University of Virginia Health System
United States




I came to the hospital facing the possibility of a life altering diagnosis, despite my young age, that would change both the span and the course of my life. It has been a tense, uncertain time. Deanna did a great deal to make that time easier to navigate. She was kind and never seemed inconvenienced by my requests. She shared stories and listened to my ramblings. During an in-room procedure, she held my hand, and even as issues occurred that prolonged both the time and pain of the procedure, she was there to reassure and console me. My perception of her quickly morphed from a stranger to a friend.
These simple acts of kindness have made my anxious stay in the hospital so much better as I waited to hear news from the medical team. And when I started receiving positive news, Deanna celebrated with me. The reality is that when you're in the hospital, facing uncertainty and the prospect of Earth shattering news, it's the small kindnesses that truly leave an impression and make a significant impact. Feeling a human connection made a significant difference in my experience.
Deanna was very knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions and address my concerns. Her strong knowledge base when addressing areas that were important to me was very reassuring and allowed me to have confidence in her, an important part of interacting with your medical team as a patient.
Deanna doesn't leap tall buildings in a single bound or wear a flowing cape, but she is a superhero to me.