Dawn Miller-Salsberry
June 2019
Pre-Surgical Screening
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York
United States




I have worked with Dawn for more than 10 years and she has always been the epitome of what a professional nurse stands for. Her work ethic and attention to detail make her prioritize her patient's needs and treat them with dignity and respect. There have been countless episodes where patients have returned to say thank you for the care she gave during their pre-surgical screening. Some have even brought small tokens of appreciations that range from desserts to keepsakes.
The most memorable was when a couple gave Dawn a memoir card of their son who was lost in the attack on the World Trade Center. She treated them with such compassion and patience as they reflected on their loss that they felt compelled to show her who he was. Her compassion, grace, and professionalism when working with her patients are truly a standard many can learn from.