Dante Alexander
September 2020
Supplemental Staffing
University of Maryland Medical Center




Dante saved my life today!
Today while eating a peach fruit cup, I swallowed a hard piece of seed that was in the fruit, started choking, and alerted the nurse's station. Mr. Dante Alexander responded to the emergency with several sharp blows to my back. This dislodged the seed from my throat onto the front of my hospital gown. My breathing restarted to normal again. Dante saved my life today! He was extraordinary today. He is the reason I am still breathing and alive.
I had been in a very intense amount of pain and discomfort in the last couple of days. Dante listened to my concerns to help address the pain and I was finally able to get some sleep and alleviate the symptoms thanks to him. He is an amazing individual and a caring and empathetic nurse.
Dante picked up mid-way through another nurse's shift and was personable and dependable from the moment he introduced himself. He listened to me and offered positive, educated advice. He was caring and made me feel comfortable. He brought to the doctor's attention a method of medicine he recommended for my specific situation. He is a wonderful nurse.