Danielle Schroeder
October 2022
7C Cardiology
University of Michigan Health
Ann Arbor
United States




She was the only one I felt comfortable with as she seemed really interested in my recovery.
I had visited the ER due to COVID-19 complications and my condition quickly deteriorated once I was placed on the General Care Unit. I was then moved to the Moderate Care Unit for additional treatment. During my stay, I was feeling that I was losing my fight with COVID-19, as my body could not handle any more pain and my appetite was all but gone. I noticed that the staff was concerned about my health, but no one was more concerned than RN Danielle Schroeder. She was eager to help me stay alive! She came into the room and informed me that I needed to start ordering food to get back on my feet. She then started ordering my food as I did not even have the will to pick up the phone to dial and order. She also made sure that I felt comfortable with the new situation of not being able to use the regular bathroom. I felt so embarrassed by this new situation that I was facing. She also worked very hard with the doctor to get me a plasma infusion to prevent me from having to go into the ICU, and made sure that I was feeling better.

It was like she was an angel sent from heaven. I felt like I needed her with me, that I really never wanted her to get off work. She was the only one I felt comfortable with as she seemed really interested in my recovery. I noticed that Danielle would come in so happy to assist me every day, and that made me get stronger and gave me the will to eventually leave the hospital. I do understand that life under COVID-19 has changed the way that things in the hospital have been done in the past, but I could tell you that Danielle was careful with me, but never treated me like I had “poison ivy”. She went well beyond to make me feel that I was important to her and to push me like I was her son to get back on my feet and fight to be back home with my children. She worked closely with the doctor, who is an amazing doctor and human, to get things done to save my life.

UM is lucky to have such an RN as Danielle and a doctor as the mine who help make your hospital elite. I could honestly say that Danielle treated me like I mattered to her, and she was genuine about it.