Danette Tutor
May 2021
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Memorial Medical Center (WI)




Danni is top-notch, there is no one better
A patient called me regarding "an amazing young lady" I have working for me. The patient stated Danette Tutor does a phenomenal job. He was worried about attending cardiac rehab after a negative experience years ago, but Danni makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. She really cares about her patients and wants them to heal and be well. Danni is very polite. She answers everyone's questions giving them honest and caring answers. She gives each of us special attention making us feel important.

The patient went on to tell me how he had been a manager for years and would have done anything to have had a worker like her. Danni is top-notch, there is no one better. The patient reported that he had talked to several other patients that attend cardiac rehab and stated, "We all agree she is the greatest. She does the work of several people and always has a smile on her face behind her mask. You are so fortunate to have such a great young gal."

As Danni's manager, it was an honor to receive this call! Also, I could not agree more! Danni puts her patients' needs first every time! She does a phenomenal job!