Cynthia Bauman
April 2018
Pacific Infusion Center
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




As an outpatient at the UCI Cancer Center, I met Cynthia on my first of six, week-long chemo infusions. With each visit, Cynthia inquired about my physical and mental wellbeing, she showed compassion regarding my comfort or discomfort, pain and/or concerns. She listened and had recommendations. I recall a particular discomfort I had and she offered a non-evasive recommendation of "smooth move" and suggested where it could be purchased. There are other instances of her caring for my comfort, but this example comes to mind first.
Following each daily infusion, Cynthia presented a compressive printout of the drug administered that day. Additionally, when she realized we hadn't received other printed information which would be helpful to us she quickly assembled the printed information we were tracking and put it in a three-ring binder for us.
The UCI Cancer nurses were wonderful and very competent in administrating chemo to me, and I'm sure they are part of the reason I am in remission from Lymphoma today. As good as the other nurses are, Cynthia just did a little bit more with her knowledge of the disease, her patient assessment and her concern for my well-being.