Cynthia Aaron
November 2016
Home Telehealth Program
Atlanta VA Medical Center
United States




"What an achievement! Being a DAISY Honoree is an honor and I am very appreciative of the opportunity. Providing holistic nursing care is at the core of what we do as nurses. My most favorite aspect of nursing care is addressing the needs of patients and knowing that those needs have been met to the best of my ability. What I know for sure is that a patient's experience has to be my highest priority; therefore, I take sincere joy in serving our veterans and their families."
-Cynthia D. Aaron, EdD, RN-BC
Cynthia is a Care Coordinator in the Home Telehealth program where she also serves as a Home Telehealth Master Preceptor and certified case manager. Her contribution to the organization extends beyond the unit as she serves on the Nursing Research Evidence-based Practice Council. Additionally, she is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Epsilon Omega Chapter and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. The DAISY Award nomination was submitted by the daughters of a veteran she cared for prior to his passing. The veteran's daughters wrote, "Cynthia was a blessing to him, and to all his daughters, as we navigated these last two years of his life. Daddy was very strong willed but Cynthia was able to gently nudge him in the direction he should go. There were times when we would get to his house and see on his caller ID that he had a call from the VA. He would say that it was probably Cynthia because his blood sugar had been pretty high that morning or that his weight was up. He could count on Cynthia and he appreciated that dependability. His daughters were grateful that we had another set of eyes keeping a watch on him. He was 90 and he lived at home, so having Cynthia keeping an eye on him through his vitals and blood sugar results helped us so much. We do not know how we would have been able to care for Daddy these last two years without the assistance of Cynthia. Daddy was pleased with the care he received and he told everyone he came in contact with that it was top-notch. We are saddened by his passing but know that he was in good hands at the VA."