Corina Abid
November 2014
Broward Health Medical Center
Fort Lauderdale
United States




Corina is a nurse on 4NT who has this remarkable ability to make others around her feel safe and valued. She has a caring spirit that she shares with all who come into contact with her. On rounds it is common place for patients and families to share great thoughts of how awesome Corina is. This even occurs with patients who other staff may report as "difficult".

We have a patient here who is very "particular" and will only eat soups. This patient has been here for more than a month as she goes through her cancer journey. Her family brings in soup for her each week and we warm it up and get it ready for her about every 4 hours as she requests. The challenge is that the patient does not want to be served in our containers and her family does not do that for her. Corina independently saw this need and went out on her own and purchased containers with covers so that the patient can be more comfortable with what her food is served in. It is quite heartwarming to hear this patient refer to her as "My Corina".

Corina makes me want to be a better nurse and a better person. She has such humility and kindness in her that is natural to whom she is. When she receives this award don't be surprised if she says "I didn't do anything special".