January 2020
Hospitalist Unit
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




My wife came into your hospital very sick, unstable, and mentally drained from various things, and reasons only she knows. Since we've been here, Mrs. Cindy has gained my wife's trust in a way that surprised me and brought my wife to cry tears of gratitude.
It's very rare for my wife to open up and share things. As she's been healing and getting better, thanks to the affectionate care of Mrs. Cindy, it has warmed my heart to see that someone has so much compassion and caring for another's best interest. Mrs. Cindy is not just helping her get well and recover, but also helped her to recognize life is worth living and to love doing so.
Even when I come to visit, she gives so much attention to whatever it is she may be able to help me with. I could not help but share this information with all of my loved ones. My work hours are really long and difficult, but Mrs. Cindy and some of the other team members that work in my wife's room, have made it easier for me to go to work and not be stressed about how my wife is being treated.
Thank you for having such a gracious employee that loves what she does and has even given me information about how to become a team member in such a loving hospital. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to work here and help someone else with whatever they may be dealing with. There should be a class in which Mrs. Cindy could teach love, compassion, and support for patients so they can be restored as they are healing.