Christine Benedict
December 2020
Behavioral Health Unit
Memorial Medical Center




You can tell how much Chris truly loves her patients and her job.
Chris is the most extraordinary nurse that I have ever had. I came to the hospital at a very low point in my life. My mental health was so unstable due to years of trauma. Because of my trauma, I found it very hard to trust and to open up to people, but from the moment I met Chris, I knew she was someone I could trust and talk to.
For a long time, I tried to think about what made her so much more special and trustworthy than the others, and then I realized it's because she treats her patients like they're her family. She's like a momma nurse taking care of her kids and for me, that was exactly what I needed, to be able to open up about what was bothering me. She acted how every mother should act. She listened to me without judgment, she consoled me when I was upset, she pushed me to take a more active role in my treatment even though I was scared. And most of all, I felt loved.
You can tell how much she truly loves her patients and her job. I'm so lucky to have been mothered by her for a few short weeks. She's everything I wish my mother was. Her motherly nursing style and her compassion changed my life for the better.