Christine Abacan
July 2020
Pavilion 8th Floor
Cooper University Health Care
United States




Imagine being ready to be discharged from the hospital, but not knowing how to catheterize yourself. Add to that the inability to feel your fingertips or your genitalia, blurred vision, and recovering from major spinal surgery. I was extremely nervous and worried. Now add to that RN, Christine Abacan. She instantly took the initiative to gather supplies and information so she could be best prepared to make sure that I was prepared. She spent extra time that I know she didn't have, making phone calls and inquiring from others how to best instruct me. And then her instruction, care, compassion, and willingness to go above and beyond came shining through. She worked with me slowly and methodically, answered all my questions, and never let it show that she had not had to perform in this role before. She is definitely a natural teacher and an accomplished nurse. Please recognize what an asset that she is to Cooper and to the nursing field as a whole.