Chris Morrow
June 2014
Charles George VA Medical Center
United States




I would like to nominate Chris Morrow, LPN for the excellent care he provides our vets. 4 West is a combination of Cardiology and Oncology. Chris fits this ward to a "T". He is extraordinary in many ways. Chris is always ready to jump in and help fellow staff members no matter what the situation.

We had a vet who is blind and was having problems with a pain with his Foley irrigations. Being blind and unable to see what was happening; he was unable to become comfortable and became frustrated with trying to explain to others what the issue was. Chris quickly jumped in to help resolve the problem. He sat with this patient and patiently explained the process of bladder irrigation, comforting him and keeping him abreast of what was happening. The patient was very appreciative that Chris cared enough to sit and patiently help through this painful experience.

Another patient wrote on the DAISY nomination form the following: "I've been here for 2 weeks and I've noticed how the others go to Chris for help and information. His knowledge of his job is outstanding. When your fellow workers know who to put in a certain IV in, you are the best. Mine has lasted for 14 days with a lot of use. He shows a great deal of passion for his job, you need many more like him".