Chad Bearup
October 2019
Kittitas Valley Healthcare
United States




This letter is to serve as our family's immense gratefulness our mom received while in hospice care through KVH.
My sister, my wife, Mom's husband, and I were Mom's primary caregivers during her last weeks on earth. We could not have given Mom the level of care we did without the help of Mom's hospice nurse, Chad Bearup. From the very first day we met Chad, he was able to meet us where we were emotionally. I can speak for all of my family, including Mom at the time, when I say we were entering a whole new area. We didn't know how this whole hospice thing worked. Chad was able to help guide us in a caring manner, and, in a real down to earth way, that helped us a lot.
We are a family that asks questions, we wanted to know the why's of what we were doing, we wanted to know all the options in front of us, we wanted a lot of information. Chad never skipped a beat. From that very first week, until Mom's lasts days with us, Chad was nothing short of amazing.
It was those last couple weeks Mom was with us that were the hardest. Emotionally for us as a family, knowing Mom didn't have much time left, in many ways, we wanted some hope. Yet Chad, in a very caring and professional way, was able to help guide us in knowing what was coming.
When needed he was factual, but always caring. When needed he laughed with us, but always realistic. When needed he sat quietly, being a comforting person in the room. Mom's care spanned major holidays; Chad showed up even then; never once complaining.
This is a profession where you need the right people to be there in life's toughest moments. Chad is that person. He should be commended at the highest level for the work he does for families across our county. Our family is eternally grateful for him.
Note: This is Chad's 2nd DAISY Award!