CeCe Egerouh
November 2018
Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I was admitted to the PCU due to my cardiac disease that stems from my Williams Syndrome. Williams Syndrome is a congenital syndrome that has caused me to have a developmental delay, heart issues, and lung issues since birth. Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand medical terminology, even in "layman's terms". CeCe took her time explaining things to me, and she made me feel so comfortable in the hospital. In addition, religion and prayer are very important to me. CeCe prayed with me before I went to sleep. This made me feel right at home. I felt relaxed, joyful, and refreshed while I was in CeCe's care. I felt as though she really understood me. I am extremely thankful for CeCe, and all the other nurses on the PCU.