Cayla Aguilar-Hop
August 2019
Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital
Grand Rapids
United States




Cayla was just so wonderful caring for me throughout my post-operative stay after a spinal fusion. No matter how busy she was, she always made me feel like she had time for me. She always made me feel like she cared about me. She was kind to my family and went above and beyond making them feel comfortable without ignoring me. Her positive spirit uplifted me. I wish I could bottle her energy up as a ("placebo") sugar pill that we could administer to every patient on the unit.
Prior to medical school, I volunteered at a specialty hospital in India that provided 100% free care to all in CTVS and Neurosurgery patients. The mission statement of the hospital was to love your patients and I know Cayla practices in this way. She is good! She uplifted me and my family throughout my stay. Again, I want to thank her for her compassion, her patience and her loving support.