Catherine "Kamari" Estrada
November 2022
"Kamari" Estrada
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St Louis
United States




She would often stop in our room to talk about what was going on and any progress for the day.
Estrada was very friendly, organized, and helpful with our daughter. She always made sure that my wife had all the supplies to make her more comfortable recovering from her laceration repair, got pain medications on time, and that everyone in the room had water. Each day she would put goals on the board that we wanted or would help make discharge easier.

When our daughter was having difficulty with bottles and losing weight, she worked with lactation to help us get nontraditional supplies to make sure we were able to feed our daughter. She advocated for us (getting lactation to prioritize us when we were having issues, coordinating OB and Peds to make sure there weren’t any outstanding issues). She would often stop in our room to talk about what was going on and any progress for the day to make sure my wife and I felt comfortable with everything that was going on. If we were having issues she would let us know things she had done or seen other patients do that helped.

We had one tough night with a lot of crying and difficulty feeding but she helped us with the issue and made sure we got some time to rest. We likely would have had a delayed discharge if not for her (she made sure the peds resident got the appointment before the office closed, having supplies to go home, tracked down mobile pharmacy to get prescriptions faster). When we weren’t sure if my wife would be discharged before my daughter, she tried to work with the charge to make sure my wife would have a place to stay on the unit. We were extremely grateful for her help, and she made a very difficult transition much easier.