Casey Vittone
November 2018
Urgent Care
Memorial Medical Center
United States




I came in with my special needs sister early this summer. T (my sister) hates new people and gets very nervous and anxious with unfamiliar situations and places. When we came in, T had hurt her head needing stitches. This was going to be hard for anyone especially for someone like T. When Casey came in she took extra care to speak directly to T. She took time to get to know her before she began her medical care. Each time she did something for T such as cleaning her cut she explained what the equipment was to T and why she needed to use it and how it would feel. When the doctor came in to do the staples she went over the entire process with her and told her the truth. Yes, it might hurt a little bit but it would be real quick and it would help her get better. She held her hand until the doctor needed her then she gave her a reassuring back rub once they got started. After each staple, she told her she was doing a great job and she was very proud of her. This helped T make it through the procedure and calmed my fears as a parent that my child could make it as easy as possible for her. Casey=Compassion.