Carmelina Mott
May 2020
Bayfront Health Spring Hill
Spring Hill
United States




It is clear that Nurse Mott has a calling to be a healthcare provider and has not merely chosen it as a good job to have. She developed a rapport with my mom, with me, and with every visitor. It created an extra level of comfort to have a nurse with not only excellent clinical skills but great people skills. A patient's wellness and ability to heal is not only predicated by giving meds and taking vitals. Carmelina knows how to treat the whole person including the family which is so important in the healing process. You can tell, she really cares.
I have to also say that during our brief stay in the ICU I saw Carmelina helping other team members and interacting professionally with doctors and other staff putting a smile on their faces. She is a rock star and deserves more credit than I can give. I am a nurse myself and can tell you without a doubt Carmelina is the epitome of a DAISY Nurse.