Brian Aiken
February 2019
Emergency Department
Lakewood Ranch Medical Center
United States




In November, I brought my husband to the ER thinking he had some sort of stomach virus, little did I know that he was at great risk of dying from sepsis and pneumonia. The entire team of nurses was fabulous, however, it was Brian who gave my husband the critical care and his undivided attention that kept my husband of 26 years alive while it was being determined what was wrong with him. From the time we left home to the time we arrived to the ER, my husband had greatly worsened and was literally dying. Brian made my husband his number one priority until he was moved to the ICU. Brian's care and concern did not stop after my husband moved to the ICU. Brian came up to ICU later in the day to check on my husband and to make sure that we were ok. Although my husband was Brian's primary concern, it did not stop him from showing me great compassion. We will always carry Brian in our hearts. We truly believe that Brian is a huge part of why my husband is still alive.
In December, I brought my husband to LWRMC where he was immediately assessed and taken to a bay in the ER. Brian was assigned to him, got him settled and evaluated. He is the best ever - his positive attitude was a calming effect on my sick husband. He told him what he was doing every step of the way, offering ongoing assurance, very professional, confident, knowledgeable, and efficient, with a caring and welcoming personality. Brian obviously loves what he does it shows. One of the best nurses we encountered in our visits to the ER. LWRMC Emergency Room is the best ER for service and caring health professionals. Kudos and thank you to Brian for your caring and attention!