Brian Abbott
March 2015
Emergency Department
Mission Hospital
United States




Brian goes above and beyond not only with patient care, but also with co-workers. He consistently stops to help others, even if he only has seconds of his time to spare. No patient goes unnoticed, and no co-worker goes without help when Brian is working!

Beyond consistently lending a helping hand, Brian goes beyond the call of duty of being a nurse and integrates the role of a teacher into his daily duties. He teaches patients about their condition and what will make it better/worse. He explains in depth what the doctors are looking for/finding or telling the patient.

He precepts new staff members, but he doesn't just cover the basics. He consistently asks "Why?" to make co-workers stop and think "Why am I doing this?", "How will this affect my patient?", or "How does this work?" He doesn't just give the simple answer so he can move on. He teaches at a level of clarity for each person to ensure they understand the care they are providing, thus ensuring excellent, safe patient-centered care.

Brian always has a joke to make everyone smile. He cares for others and steps aside to put them first. He provides the best and safest patient care and promotes the best and safest work environment for all!