Brenda Ignacio
July 2017
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Brenda is a nurse that with every shift, every patient interaction, she embodies a kind, compassionate and dedicated nurse. She treats all of her patients as if they were her own family, treating not just physical needs, but emotional and spiritual as well. She works calmly, competently, and with great empathy for the patient.

The situation that I remember where this was highlighted was when she received an admission late at night, a patient that was well known to our floor. This patient had advanced cancer and was at end of life care. This patient was received not being oriented, with no family at the bedside, in soiled bedding, and exhibiting signs and symptoms of extreme pain. She responded like a truly caring and compassionate nurse. She provided hygiene care while speaking to the patient in a calm, cool manner. She immediately contacted the primary doctor for additional pain modifiers to make this patient achieve comfort in his last hours. Brenda, throughout the night, continued to contact the doctors, advocating for the patient and his comfort, when the patient's pain was not controlled. She was able to start a PCA drip for the patient, as well as continually provide non-pharmacologic interventions to better comfort the patient. She contacted family and spoke with them of the patient's condition, allowing for them to be at the bedside at the time of the patients passing.

This is just a watered down retelling of the time, care, and commitment that she provided to this patient. When the patient and his family members were unable to be a voice for his needs, she was able to proactively advocate and provide dignity, compassion, and empathy in this young man's final hours. Brenda approaches all situations in a similar fashion, putting the patient first and going above and beyond to ensure her patient is confident in their care and healing as anticipated in order to return home as soon as possible. She has been a role model for me and has impacted my care and how I approach some situations. She is a valued team member of our unit and is, in my opinion, a true DAISY Nurse.