Brenda Gergely
November 2018
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Unfortunately, Brenda was my husband's nurse for only one day; but in that one day, Brenda showed more care and kindness to him. He was given a strong laxative and she suggested a bedside commode just in case it worked too well and he couldn't get to the toilet fast enough. They set it up with cotton wipes and taped a bag to the chair for him to dispose of the paper. While we waited for it to work, she suggested an outing to him to get out of the room. Brenda went and got a wheelchair and placed a pillow and a blanket on it for him. She said it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. She walked with us pushing him along while I pushed the IV stand, she asked questions to engage with him and found out he likes baseball. This outing maybe took about ten minutes total for him to get out of the room and into the sun.
Brenda took valuable time out of her schedule to do this kind gesture. We have had now a total of four hospital stays and this was the only time that someone went over and above to show concern and kindness in this manner. Brenda truly showed love and compassion for her patient.