Brandi Miller
July 2019
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




We received a phone call from a former patient who had submitted a grievance, that wanted to tell me about how impressed he was with his care last week in the ICU. He said it was his first time in ICU and he was really scared. He was really impressed with all the 20-year old nurses and how professional they were! However, he said one nurse shined above all the others-Brandi Miller. He said she was "outstanding, exceptional-those words don't do her justice. You almost forgot you were a patient for a second."
Brandi was awesome, just awesome. Smart, in the nonverbal, subjective way-that you can't teach. He said that he had to get a pacemaker, and with all the education she provided, she was just brilliant!
"But when she touched my hand-I felt love, courage with that handshake before going in. It meant everything! That's the type of thing you just can't teach. Even after she wasn't my nurse anymore, she still came and checked on me. I was mad she wasn't my nurse anymore. But she came and explained why she had to take care of this other sick 1:1 patient, so it was okay. I understood. She's a master at it! That's why I'm calling to tell you about her. She's brilliant in the things you just can't teach!"