Bradley King
February 2018
Medical ICU
University of Virginia Health System
United States




In the MICU, our team jokingly says that "everyone loves Brad." Truth be told, our MICU patients, genuinely do love it when Brad is their nurse. Brad naturally goes above and beyond in providing genuine relationship based nursing care to our MICU patients and their family members. Brad consistently exudes professionalism, genuine kindness and compassion. His exemplary nursing practice and excellent communication, mixed with his southern accent and genuine kindness make for a positive patient experience for our MICU patients and their family members.
A terminally ill MICU patient once told me, "it's always the little things that matter." I know that this philosophy comes naturally to Brad. Brad demonstrates this motto by doing the simple things, such as offer a patient or stressed family member a simple cup of coffee, then sits with them and chats. He offers a moment of humanity when nothing seems to make sense or when patients just need to talk about anything, other than their current situation.
Also, most recently Brad stepped into a chaotic shift when our Shift Manager became acutely ill and had to quickly leave. He assumed the MICU Shift Manager leadership role, in addition to caring for a double assignment. Additionally, his professionalism and commitment to MICU teamwork were evident as he assisted with an impulsive patient, who was strong and quick! His calming demeanor helped to de-escalate a very quickly evolving situation in an overall attempt to keep this patient safe.