Bobbi Sandberg
September 2019
Medicine Clinic
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Bobbi Sandberg is an invaluable member of the medicine clinic team. She always puts patients' needs first in her multiple roles within the medicine clinic. As a staff nurse, she makes every effort to reach patients for needed follow up, communicate test results, work with medical equipment companies and home healthcare to coordinate care and working effortlessly to meet patient's needs.
Patients often arrive in the clinic without appointments needing assistance with something. As charge nurse, Bobbi goes above and beyond to meet these needs. Bobbi consistently treats everyone with kindness and respect, doing everything she can to triage patients' symptoms appropriately, help them complete their forms, get medication refills, arrange transportation, answer their questions, or offer her presence, validating whatever concerns they have. Bobbi works tirelessly in this role and often stays late to ensure continuity of compassionate care.
Finally, Bobbi is excellent support for other staff, being a go-to person when people have questions and taking on additional roles based on clinic needs. She took on additional tasks when medicine clinic was without a nurse manager and will also be a part of the team-based care pilot in the coming months. These are just a few examples of Bobbi's varying roles and leadership in ambulatory care that show her commitment to exemplary service, tireless work ethic, and dedication to compassionate patient care that have a positive impact in our clinic and community as a whole.