Blake Thyssen
February 2021
Piedmont Fayette Hospital




Blake gathered, and carried my brother’s things, walked us out to the car, even sent my mom a message the next day telling her that he had not stopped thinking about us and B and just how special he was to him.
No visitors were permitted due to COVID. My son was a special needs adult. His name was B, but we all called him "Bubba" and he had been with me for 33 years. Blake was his comforter when he was afraid. He was my voice since I could not be there to speak. He dispensed comfort, compassion and showed just how much he cared for my son. I would get frequent updates and when we had to do the ventilator, he prepared me on what to expect. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and when that decision had to be made, Blake was there with us and cried right along with us, as my son was leaving this world. This young man is a true gift from God, and is deserving of this award because he is one of the best.
My brother B, who was also special needs was taken to the hospital with COVID Pneumonia. He was transferred to the ICU the next day where he met Blake for the first time. They started talking about everything and forming a bond. Blake made him feel comfortable during that very scary time, especially since my mother could not be there. This is also when we began to speak with Blake over the phone. He would call us 3-4 times a day with updates and was very sincere. He even called from his personal cell so we could talk to my brother and hear his voice.
My brother was eventually put on the ventilator and Blake was right there with him during that whole process. My brother's condition was deteriorating, and they had tried everything that they could to get him better...we were called up to the hospital as a family where we met Blake for the first time in person. He was once again my brother's nurse, his comforter. Blake's roll around nurses station was parked right outside of my brother's room when we got to the hospital that morning. He told us that he did not want to be out of my brother's sight because once his alarms were going off to change his medicine bag for his blood pressure, he only had 15-30 seconds to be in there to change it, or his blood pressure became almost non-existent. That right there showed us just how much he truly cared for him.
The doctor called us back to the hospital the next day where my parents had to make the decision that no parent should have to make, to take him off of the ventilator. Blake wiped B's face off after everything had been taken off (wires, bandages, etc.), and he stood and cried along with us as my brother was leaving this world to be with Jesus. Once everything was over he and the doctor gave us all the time that we needed. He gathered, and carried my brother's things, walked us out to the car, even sent my mom a message the next day telling her that he had not stopped thinking about us and B and just how special he was to him. Also to not hesitate to ask if we needed anything. He truly is in the right line of work. God Bless Him!
Blake took care of one of my family friends in the ICU. This patient was a special needs adult who had never been away from his family. His mother was obviously very afraid. Blake made her feel comfortable that B was getting great care in the ICU. He kept B's mom updated and showed a personal interest in B and his family. B ultimately died in the ICU on comfort care and Blake was there taking care of him that day. He was a huge support for his mom and the rest of the family. They mentioned at B's funeral what a blessing Blake had been to them, and to B. This was not surprising at all, as I have worked with Blake for several years and this is the kind of care he provides to all of his patients. He is someone whom I am proud to work with and I feel like he should be recognized for his contributions to Piedmont.
Note: This is Blake's 2nd DAISY Award!