Bernice Adjei-Nkansah
September 2022
Post OP
HCA Houston Healthcare Mainland
United States




Bernice is very smart and you can tell she loves her job and helping others
My first night here after my major surgery, Bernice was my nurse. She was so kind and friendly and made me feel very comfortable that I was in good hands and that I would be ok. She came to check on me throughout the night multiple times to make sure I was ok. She is very smart and you can tell she loves her job and helping others. She never had an attitude or seemed frustrated from the stresses I know this job entails. She gives of herself freely, with love, and kindness.


Bernice was one of only four students to graduate from the Cape Coast Nurse's Training College in Ghana in February 1984. She then finished the OBGYN program at the Midwifery Training College to become a midwife. She started as an ENT surgery nurse and decided she loved working with children, so she continued to specialize in Ophthalmic nursing. After a few years, she went to the University of Ghana and graduated in 2001 from the Nursing Education and Administration program. While in school, HCA recruited Bernice, and she and her family came to HCA Houston Mainland in 2003.

Bernice is a caring and mothering soul on postop; she takes new staff under her wing and ensures they become excellent caregivers. Bernice indeed does everything from her heart. We are so glad she is our CNC and proud of her for being honored.