Ben Hewitt
August 2019
Emergency Department
Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center
United States




Ben was the head nurse when we brought our daughter in for a broken arm. He did very well with keeping her calm and making sure she was comfortable. I loved how he told her that he was not going to do anything without explaining what he was going to do, and he made sure she knew exactly what was going to happen. She also expressed how much she liked having Ben as her nurse. He did an excellent job starting her IV, getting it perfect the first time, and he explained each step as he went. This helped her stay calm during the process.
Ben did very well explaining what the ER doctor was going to do and how the procedure was going to go to my husband and me. I love that he stayed by our daughter's side through the whole thing until she woke up, talking to her and making sure she was doing great. It was a comfort to know that he was so caring, and I can see why he was chosen to be a head nurse. I could tell that he was tired and that it had probably been a long evening, but that did not stop him in any way from giving exceptional care.