Barbara Aaron
August 2016
Taylor Burke Clinic/Dept of Family & Community Services
Brooke Army Medical Center
United States




One of Barbara Aaron's most exceptional qualities is her eagerness to improve upon processes already in place for the benefit of our enrollees and team. She recently spearheaded a PI project to simplify the process of ordering Sleep Apnea/ Continuous Pressure Air Pump (CPAP) supplies for enrollees in the clinic. Ms. Aaron researched the ordering process for CPAP supplies from provider order to company to patient's hand. Through education to staff and patients the PI project resulted in leading to a smooth way for patients to receive the needed devices with minimal disruption.
One CPAP patient, who had run into obstacles on multiple occasions while trying to order her supplies, commended Ms. Aaron on her diligence and follow up to ensure that she received her much-needed equipment. Our patient commented, "Between me and Ms. Aaron, they (the DME supplier) didn't stand a chance!" She is cited on a regular basis by patients for outstanding service. Ms. Aaron's initiative and insight to develop an improved ordering process has resulted in better care for patients and an improved patient perception of military medical processes. Ms. Aaron's willingness to go the extra mile is not an isolated occurrence, but extends the patient care arena as well. Her dedication and compassion are evident as she interacts with patients and coworkers on a daily basis.
The most recent PI project she volunteered to assist in is a joint project between SPC Taylor Burk Clinic and SAMMC Radiology clinics. The process improvement process looks at scheduling patients due for their mammogram at the clinic level and eliminates the need for the patients to call a different phone number after the clinic informs them they are due for a mammogram. Ms. Aaron learned the system for mammogram scheduling and assists and educates patients at Taylor Burk Clinic easily schedule their mammogram. The project has only begun, but patients have expressed appreciation on being able to get the appointment through the clinic. The success is also amazing in the first month; 21 of the 24 patients scheduled have got their mammogram.
Preventive health is a passion for Ms. Aaron and it shows in her enthusiasm to work on this project above and beyond her current work load.