April Hoisington
May 2021
Family Practice
Regional Medical Center
United States




She is a person who puts everyone else first before herself
From the first day that I met April Hoisington, she has always been willing to go above and beyond for her patients. She always makes me feel comfortable coming in for a visit or when I have a simple phone call question/concern. She never makes me feel like I'm asking a wrong question or a question that shouldn't be asked. When she says she is going to talk to the doctor and get back, she is very prompt and precise with her answers. April also makes not only myself but my family feel like we are more than just a patient coming in for visits. She asks about our personal life and I feel she has got to know us as individuals. She even will talk to us outside of the doctor's office if we see her out in public. April always has a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life. I'm sure being a nurse is super stressful and at times very demanding especially during a pandemic but every time she walks into the room you would never guess she would be having a bad day or didn't want to be at work that day or even burnt out. She always has a smile, is energetic, and professional which in turn makes us as patients feel comfortable in that setting. I know that if I ever needed someone to count on or lean anytime with any situation she would be a person I would call. She is a person who puts everyone else first before herself. April informed me she was going to school to get her BSN. As a mom myself, I know going to school, working full time, and being a mother of 4 is probably pretty stressful and can be very difficult at times but it just goes to show me how dedicated she is to better herself and her career. April is very deserving of this award and has made huge differences in my family's life, she's not only our family nurse, she has become a family friend.