Anna Lou Paniza
November 2021
Anna Lou
Bloomberg 10 North
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Anna Lou leaves families feeling loved, supported, and smiling.
Anna Lou is one of those nurses who gives all of herself, every shift to her patients, families, and coworkers. She is the kind of nurse who should have so many DAISY Awards that her badge reel would be so heavy from the award pins it would drag on the floor. She is truly an Extraordinary Nurse. Anna Lou is a shining example of what a dedicated and compassionate bedside nurse should be.

She is one of those nurses whom patients request as their nurse and are so disappointed if she can't be. But she still pops in and says hello and makes them smile nonetheless. She is the kind of nurse whom returning families ask about as soon as they are admitted because she creates amazing bonds and relationships. She leaves families feeling loved, supported, and smiling. She also has one of the best work ethics on the floor and would do anything for her patients and staff.

She is one of the most dedicated and most outstanding Charge Nurses I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She supports patient care, admissions, supports complicated families, always puts safety first, and does it all with a great sense of humor. She truly puts our patients first even before herself sometimes. I’ve seen her skip lunches, bathroom breaks, and stay late most shifts just to make sure the unit is taken care of before she leaves. She is one of the nurses that when you see her name on the schedule you just know you are going to have a great shift, because she will support you any way she can, even if that means ordering takeout food every shift to make your night shift brighter.

She has been the backbone of leadership on nights – supporting travelers, flex nurses, new nurses, and orientating new staff, as well as charge nurses for years, while feeding us and taking excellent care of her own patients. She has done all this while undertaking hospice care for her father, adult care for her mother, and personally battling breast cancer. She has been an Extraordinary Nurse and exemplary night shift leader at Johns Hopkins for over 18 years. Anna Lou is truly a DAISY Nurse for her dedication and exemplary leadership.