July 2018
Transplant Care Center
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I'm writing this letter to inform you of how delighted and pleased I have been over the numerous days I spent in the Transplant Care Clinic (TCC) during my scheduled kidney transplant follow-up visits. I was always provided outstanding and extremely exceptional care from everyone, but in particular, by one nurse, Anna Cocchiaro.
Anna truly is a so-called, "single-handed, jack-of-all-trades" individual. She is a one-person "do-it-all", so to speak. She did "everything" to ensure I had wonderful care, all in a truly superb manner and made me feel as if I was the most "Very Important Person" (VIP), here in the TCC, in her care.
Anna's performance; total professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, combined with a truly overwhelming pleasant personality and genuine good-natured heart, made all the difference in the world, during my visits to the TCC.
I could not have asked for better service; I was totally impressed by both her professional and personal manner along with the "extra mile" she went to care for me and, there's not a doubt in my mind, she does the same for all her patients. She always ensured that every aspect of any requirement or request (including any questions) of mine was complete.
Anna always took the time to talk with me; every time in a calm and pleasant level, always making me feel assured I was not "bothering her". Prior to doing anything, she would always explain everything, in detail, of what she was about to do and what effect, if any, it would have on me. Her untiring prompt and appropriate responses (and may I add, overall patience) are something of special note.
I hope you fully realize how truly fortunate you are to have such an outstanding and superb nurse, and person, as Anna working for you here in the TCC. She certainly must be (if not, surely should be) a highly treasured member of the TCC and, needless to say, I'm sure she is the "bond and glue" that makes the overall TCC team work and run in an efficient and smooth manner.
I can tell and say without a doubt, from the short time I had with the experience of her taking care of me, she takes great pride in providing patients with an exemplary experience and always gives the utmost unselfishness of herself. She exudes positive energy and happiness and one can tell she's an extremely hard worker who is very dedicated to making patients, such as me, enormously happy as they recover. I would hope there have been many other patients who've taken the time to join me in saying, "Thank You" for the terrific job she does. I have been extremely satisfied with her, as hopefully, you can tell. In my humble opinion, Anna is a real asset to your profession.