Ann Venteicher
December 2022
Family Practice
Regional Medical Center
United States




Ann offered counsel when my mother passed away ahead of my third trimester.
Ann is beloved by all of our patients, she goes the extra mile to help them. She stays long after regular clinic hours to make phone calls and follow through on things. She sees lab results needing follow-up before I do. On her lunch break, she'll run over to ECH to run an INR if needed. She has her finger on the pulse of all of our patients. She isn't afraid to make decisions when it is needed. So she is invaluable to the care we provide. No dramatic heartwarming story, just continuous hard work with a good attitude!


Ann is an extraordinary nurse and holds a place dear to my heart. She has been our family nurse since welcoming our first child over 10 years ago. Ann works well as a team with Dr. C, is readily available for telehealth questions, and has provided kind counsel during difficult times in life.

First, as a team with the Edgewood Health Clinic, Ann will assist with the smallest tasks to see that our appointments run smoothly. She assists with carrying diaper bags, car seats, and opening doors. For this momma of four kids, these tasks are greatly appreciated. She has an excellent working relationship with Dr. C, communicating about our family's unique care needs, and will make the extra effort to see if any follow-up care is required. One of the smallest, BIG things, Ann and Dr. C will say: "You are doing a great job, Mom." This means the world to a momma juggling the work-life balance.

Secondly, Ann is available for any telehealth needs when contacted by phone. As a full-time working momma, taking time away from work to coordinate daycare and school pick-up to commute to Edgewood requires a time commitment, especially with sick kiddos. Ann is willing to discuss symptoms ahead of schedule to determine the urgency of care or if simple home care is sufficient to cure the aches and pains of little ones feeling under the weather. This is a large time saving to limited sick leave available from employers.

Third, during my time as a patient of hers, she has seen me through the ups and downs of the loss of loved ones as well as welcoming little ones into this Great Big World! During my first pregnancy, Ann offered counsel when my mother passed away ahead of my third trimester. She helped ease the loss of someone at a time when a mother's presence is so significant to welcoming a new baby. Ann also held my hand and dried my tears as my husband and I learned the news of our 4th baby - in pregnancy- no longer having a heartbeat. This was extremely tough news to learn but she assisted in the delivery of this information with Dr. C with compassion and care. Despite the losses, she has helped us welcome four healthy, beautiful children into our family on Earth. In a recent visit, Ann expressed dreams and hopes for retirement. I will miss her but am so happy to have had her kind care for the amount of time in my kids' young lives.