Angie Rangitsch
December 2019
Inpatient Float Pool
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




What can you say about Angie? Every day she comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She brings energy to whatever unit she is working in. She is an overall good egg. She is a great resource for this institution when she is the RRT nurse. She is well respected for her nursing skills in the float pool and the hospital. She has good communication skills with her fellow employees and with the families of her patients. She is very level headed and calm in stressful situations. I am honored to work with her.
Angie is kind, approachable and a wonderful role model for new nurses on every unit. Her patience and calm manner are well known and many new nurses seek her out when they have questions or need help with a new task.
In Greek, the meaning of Angela is "messenger or angel". Our Angela is true to her name, who is someone who watches over people and protects them. How do you sum up the number of patient's lives Angie has impacted during her 12 years as a float pool nurse? Whether it is a patient in ICU, med/surg/tele, peds, OB or NICU, Angie rocks them all with her great "I got this" attitude and her integrity to always do the right thing for the patient. She goes that extra mile each and every time to make sure patients and families have the information, support, meds and equipment to make it through the shift, the day, the week or until next time.
Thank you, Angie, for being the positive role model and resource for our staff and for being the angel for our patients.