Angela Long
September 2019
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital - Richmond
United States




My Preceptor, Angela, is always helping others (patients and fellow staff members) feel "right at home." As a new nurse at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital, I have experienced many emotions (feeling overwhelmed and anxious) but because of you many of those uncertainties have subsided. Your genuine smile, motivating attitude, patience, guidance, and support is not something that can be taught. It comes from within. Your character traits and determination to help new nurses succeed is inspiring. Due to your constant motivation and uplifting guidance, I want to achieve great things and I'm sure that your patients feel the exact same way whenever you walk into their rooms. When negativity may be all around them you make them want to be well. Your serviceable attitude puts a smile on their faces. In my eyes you are invaluable, you are full of dignity and you are the kind of nurse I aspire to be. Thank you for your reassuring words of, "I am here to help you succeed" those words will never be forgotten.