Angela Genzale
May 2013
Labor and Delivery
Swedish Medical Center Issaquah
United States




Angela Genzale has a way with new fresh-out-of-school nurses to not only teach and precept but to encourage and cultivate critical thinking skills. Angela helps them to see the whole picture. Her approach is done through patience, skill, and a thorough knowledge base of the nursing process. Angela is not only about computer charting, she helps these young nurses to see that there is a real live person involved and walks them through the nursing process piece by piece; she teaches by example, compassion and a genuine interest in not only the patient but student as well. Angela is no pushover, she commands respect, but at the same time is open and approachable, she is a joy to watch and even better is the chance to work with some of the really great nurses she has mentored and left her unique "Angela Genzale mark" on.