Angela Chalk
March 2019
Stoler Infusion Center
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




Recently, Angela went above and beyond the norm to help two patients in need. The first situation Angela responded to was an unconscious woman in the main bathroom on the first floor. She was blocking the door so Angela had to crawl on the floor under the door to get to her. The patient had a positive outcome thanks to Angela's quick thinking.
The second situation Angela responded to was a gunshot victim who was dropped off at the front entrance of the hospital. This was literally just a few days after Angela's first life-saving measures for the patient in the main floor bathroom. This patient was not breathing nor did they have a pulse. Angela jumped into action initiating CPR and also making every attempt to stop the bleeding. She even did CPR all the way to trauma while riding on the stretcher with the patient. It was like something out of a movie. Angela is a true hero! Both situations required Angela to potentially expose herself to bodily fluids and she did not hesitate to act to save a life. Angela is not just a DAISY Honoree, but she is also a true legend.