Angel Speranza
November 2019
Adult Emergency Department
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent care I received while a patient in your facility this year. I fractured my hip while attending a conference in your city. From when I arrived in the ER and got up into the unit, the physical therapists, and discharge planners were not only professional but also kind and caring including the maintenance staff that cleaned my room.
I must make a special mention of the ER nurse named Angel. I arrived in panic mode with no cell phone or belongings because all of my possessions were at the hotel. I was worried about contacting my supervisor back in Syracuse, NY and concerned about my luggage and ongoing bill at the hotel. Angel allowed me to use her cell phone to notify my supervisor of my fall and start the necessary paperwork for my leave of absence.
She reached the Marriott desk so I could explain my predicament. She arranged for my belongings to be packed up and my luggage to be transported to the hospital which allowed the hotel to cancel the remainder of my reservation. A lot of this she accomplished on her own time after completing her work schedule. She certainly was named correctly because she was an angel to me. I would like to thank Angel for her compassion in helping me settle down, de-panic, and focus on healing.