Andrea Cataldo
May 2017
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Andrea introduced herself the first day of my God-daughter's stay at UVA and our family fell in love with her! Her sweet demeanor and compassion for her patients were very evident. She made all of us feel very comfortable, especially my God-daughter. Andrea took excellent care of My God-daughter and our family's every need. She was always pleasant and happy to answer all questions and discuss any concerns that we inquired about. Her light-hearted conversation to get to know my God-daughter put her at ease and let us know that we could rely on her. UVA is blessed and lucky to have such a kind hearted, compassionate Health Care Professional. Our family is ever so grateful for the attention and care she provided to our girl. She made an emotional, difficult situation easier to deal with.
Andrea's knowledge of nursing and UVA's medical teams, Doctors, policies, and procedures showed in her everyday work ethics. She was very attentive and punctual with treatments that were ordered. Our family and my God-daughter were happy to see her and know that she was my God-daughter's nurse for the shifts that she was assigned. If she was not assigned to my God-daughter she always poked her head in to see us and say hello and goodbye and to check in on my God-daughter's progress. Andrea is a true example of what nursing is all about. We thank her for being involved in my God-daughter's care and taking care of us as a family.