Ana Hermes
July 2018
2 Cardiovascular
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




My wife has been a patient in multiple wards at MRH, and I have slept in the room with her on at least 30 nights during recent years for multiple medical issues. During that time, I've had a chance to observe many outstanding nurses, in a variety of different situations, both day and night. While the nursing care at MRH is generally great, I believe the care from 2 CV is especially good. Of all the nurses on that ward, and of all the great care my wife has received, and I have observed, Ana stands out. She was the night nurse for several nights during a recent 11-day hospitalization of my wife and came in voluntarily on another occasion due to the sickness of another nurse, despite having almost no chance to sleep.
Ana cares so very deeply about her patients and shows it in every aspect of her work more than any nurse who had helped my wife. She never stops helping and improving the welfare of the patient, and the patient's family. Most nurses have caring hearts, but some have that extra special concern for their patients that shows genuine love for each and every one of them and their families. It shows in the little things she does above and beyond what others do. She doesn't leave each patient until the patient is comfortable. She doesn't just ask if there is anything else she can do. She looks with a practiced eye and anticipates things a sick patient may forget to mention, leaving the patient wondering when the next round will be to ask for something as basic as a pitcher of cool water that may be empty. She makes absolutely certain everyone follows universal health precautions and explains the importance to family members. She communicates in a friendly manner and leaves a patient and family reassured by her presence and explanations about the care that may not have been understood or conveyed due to pressures of the day or changes since the last round of doctors. She is truly an extension of the doctor and listens well to patient concerns. If a patient needs sleep to heal and blood pressure or labs truly are not needed until later in the morning, she ensures the patient isn't bothered for the convenience of a lab draw, or an unnecessary blood pressure. She makes sure lights are kept low and computer screens in the room are not providing too much light, and checks to see if the temperature is comfortable, and that family members remaining overnight are provided needed items. She was doubly thorough on the administration of complex medications for my wife. She is a leader too and sets the example for other nurses. When others might be unintentionally or unwittingly noisier at night, she ensures quiet reigns for the sake of the patients.
Recently, Ana noticed that my wife was unable to turn over after 7 days in the hospital, and in great pain. She made a special effort to get a mechanical bed to help avoid decubitus ulcers, assisting her not only with the pain but with further infection. That effort alone meant so very much to us and was but one example of the special effort she initiated to assist with patient care. It is easy to forget that kind of medical care, with the frequent turnover of patients and the multitude of types of sickness nurses deal with. But Ana doesn't stop with the minimums; she does the maximum to help ALL her patients.
A second example is the fact that my wife had three different nurses try to insert a second IV that was needed. After nurses from NICU and ED tried, and eight sticks were not successful, and only one day was remaining until discharge, Ana diligently preserved that remaining IV with the placement of pillows and kept it operational. Without Ana's care, my wife, despite everyone's efforts, might have just given up mentally from all her problems. One person can really make a big difference in preserving a life and helping with that extra care that is needed so much, even with a family member present at all times. Ana was that person. She is a diamond among jewels.