Amy Suzanne Barton
July 2018
Labor and Delivery
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United States




Amy Suzanne Barton has been working with us for a year in the Labor and Delivery unit. She encompasses all the qualities that make an excellent nurse. First, she exhibits the clinical skills and attention for details that are needed to focus on the safety of patients. She does this so well that doctors trust her opinions.
On her first assignment, she had a patient in labor who was not progressing. She called the doctor and told him her concerns. He listened and decided to do an emergency C-Section to keep mom and baby safe. After the delivery, the doctor told Suzanne that she made a great decision and he was happy to have her on board.
The team and physicians have embraced Suzanne and her commitment to quality and compassion and were happy to extend her time with them.
Second, Suzanne shows compassion for everyone around her. She has gone above and beyond to help not only the patients but also the staff. Her compassion, caring positive attitude is shown even on the busiest and most stressful days.