October 2017
The Villages Outpatient Clinic
North Florida / South Georgia Veterans Health System
United States




The Villages Outpatient Clinic and PACT Team 9 would like to express our gratitude to Amy Fulwood, Assistant Nurse Manager, for her caring nature and willingness to go the extra step to help a patient in need. A patient walked in, needing assistance. The PACT RN Care Manager for Team 9 was away at training and Team 9 LPN was checking in another veteran. Amy went right out to help and then proceeded to go above and beyond to get this female veteran what she needed. The 60-year-old veteran was recently diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and chose to forgo treatment so that she may live out her last days with a good quality of life. She was on Hospice. She tearfully expressed to Amy that her last wish was to travel to Arizona to visit her family one last time before she could no longer do so. She wanted to get oxygen for her flight, not necessarily because she needed it but for comfort in case she did. Amy called everyone she could think of and was not getting the answers she was looking for, but that didn't stop her. She got SW and doctors involved to get this dying veteran what she needed to keep her comfortable on her last flight home. When the veteran started crying, Amy told her that she didn't need to worry about this right now and to let her take care of it, she would find a way to help her. Amy was successful and now this veteran can go on her last trip to visit her family. This is what being a nurse is all about and Amy truly showed the heart of a caring nurse. I do believe God put Amy right where she was needed at that moment. Thank you, Amy for your compassionate nature, I am truly proud to work with nurses like you!