Ambika Adhikari
December 2016
Broadlawns Medical Center
Des Moines
United States




In a unit full of lovely, caring nurses and technicians, Ambika nevertheless stood out. From the minute we arrived on the floor with my 92-year old father-in-law (who had urology surgery in the morning), Ambika gently took charge and made him so comfortable. She understood that he is smart but in early Alzheimer's and struggles to keep himself oriented by always wanting to know his caregivers' names, and by being playful. No one could have been kinder or more respectful of this dear man. She spoke clearly, responding to him, slipping in her name at each visit, never shouting as though he were deaf or brushing off his questions. She anticipated his needs without demeaning him and before she left at the end of her shift she talked to us about options for his pain management through the night and assured us she would transmit all the information and our concerns to the night nurse. And he did have a good night. When we returned this morning, Ambika was not assigned to my father-in-law, but she had checked on him, and at mid-morning stopped in to visit with him. Her gentleness radiates.