Amanda Aaron
April 2015
3North- Obstetrics
Parkland Health & Hospital System
United States




Amanda has an innate ability to go above and beyond for her patients. She is a true patient advocate. She sees the patient and family as a vital part of the team and always includes them in the plan of care. She is very culturally sensitive and is dedicated to learning Spanish so she can communicate with the large Hispanic population that we serve.

Her compassion was demonstrated while caring for a deaf patient. She went above and beyond to request training in basic sign language so she could better communicate with this patient. While caring for a paraplegic patient on our unit that had a baby, she empathized deeply because of personal experiences and struggles she faced when she was briefly wheelchair bound. She takes the time to perform hair and nail care to provide an extra touch for patients who are usually self- care. Bedridden patients are not the norm on our unit, so she prepares herself by going to units that have bedridden patients to observe care and to borrow supplies that our units do not normally have on hand.

Amanda recently provided care for a patient that had an infant that was not expected to survive. The patient requested to have the baby room in. This was a very difficult and emotional task for Amanda but as always she honored her patient's request. She empathized and felt that it was the hardest thing for a mother to watch her baby die. She sacrificed her break time to sit with the patient and to allow her to talk, cry and to express her concerns. After leaving the patient's room she went to the manager's office and cried. It was such a tough situation for her, but she held it together for the patient. When the patient left, she hugged and thanked Amanda for being there for her in her worst time. Amanda's compassion for patients makes them feel comfortable and encourages them to shares. She genuinely listens and provides excellent care for patients, their babies and their entire families.