Allyson Tejeda
March 2021
Augusta University Medical Center
United States




Allyson provided stability and security for J combined with joy and a sense of adventure.
J was initially admitted to CHOG after suffering a gunshot wound to the abdomen. She was critically injured and underwent several surgeries during the first few days she was hospitalized. She required an ostomy and was partially paralyzed as a result of her injury. J turned 3-years-old during her hospital stay. She was understandably traumatized and did not really speak or interact for the first few months she was here. Her family was not able to be at her bedside consistently. Many of our nurses, RT's clerks, PCT's and medical staff formed a bond with her over time, but Allyson Tejada was one that became particularly close with J.

Allyson read her books and rocked her to sleep every night that she worked. She did her hair and bought her clothes. She comforted her when she was scared or lonely. Slowly J started coming out of her shell. She left our institution to go to rehab but returned and wasn't discharged until three months later. J continued to amaze us with her progress: not just medically but emotionally and mentally. Allyson's bond with J only grew stronger. She continued their bedtime routine and took her outside every chance she could. They fed fish, splashed in the fountain, picked flowers and crabapples.

In spite of her wheelchair, ostomy, and IV pumps, J got to be a kid again. She provided stability and security for J combined with joy and a sense of adventure. The entire unit dressed as farm animals for Halloween because J wanted to be a chicken. Allyson and others helped to create her perfect costume. After J was discharged home, Allyson remained a part of her life. She sees J frequently and is a great support to her mother.

Allyson and her family took J to Disneyworld over Christmas for several days: an experience J might not ever have had otherwise. J is truly a miracle child, and the miracle goes beyond the physical. Nurses are healers and healing encompasses more than clinical skills. Allyson Tejada is an example of what can happen when excellent clinical skills are combined with consistency, empathy, an ability to think outside the box and to think like a child - and love. One of our pediatric surgeons commented that J would not have survived without the love and devotion of the nurses - Allyson epitomizes that love and devotion and truly is a DAISY Nurse.

Note: This is Allyson's 2nd DAISY Award!